insurance Trading Center

Introduction of brokers

Innovation wealth provides a strong and win-win introduction broker (IB) cooperation program for outstanding professionals. Our IB program is mainly aimed at introducing the development of brokers, and through continuous training, professional guidance, marketing, management training, customer service and other methods to continuously improve the professional level of IB and market expansion capabilities, while combining their own business Demand and advantage characteristics provide them with flexible business plans, product portfolios, trading mechanisms, etc. In the process of cooperating with Innovation wealth, brokers can not only obtain rich and continuous commissions from customers' trading behavior, but also expand their international brand influence in the financial industry.


Select insurance Trading Center reason

  • Real-time tracking
  • The personalized simulated customer application form is convenient for IB follow-up operations. Each IB will be notified immediately when its client applies for a real Innovation wealth account.
  • Trading services and technical support
  • All-round market support, and we can provide you with 5*24 hours online support during market trading hours. Technically establish network support for IB, and also enable IB customers to enjoy STP-ECN trading technical support, so that their customer orders can directly enter the international foreign exchange funding source, and 100% automatically execute matching transactions within the first time.
  • Customer management and analysis tools
  • Perfect background service, including real-time transaction details, spread commission report, transaction volume, IB fee report, etc.
  • Flexible and efficient commission settlement system
  • IB can enjoy highly competitive and timely rebate, and at the same time equipped with the most reasonable commission system, to help you maximize the benefits of optimization.