insurance Trading Center

Trading APIs

From now on, connect your automated trading system with Innovation wealth to obtain high-quality international bank quotations, so that orders can be fully executed automatically. Alternatively, you can build an automated trading system by yourself, or link to Innovation wealth's existing automated trading system to implement API (application programming interface) trading.
Innovation wealth can provide complete automatic transaction execution support through standardized FIX port or JavaAPI application programming interface. This solution can help customers send orders directly to the Innovation wealth order processing system, so they can enjoy the advantages of direct market entry transactions under the STP transaction mode, and can also obtain real-time international inter-bank quotations at the same time. The orders are fully automated and 24-hour online transactions , And competitive spreads.


Select insurance Trading Center reason

  • Advanced trading technology
  • Strict risk management system
  • Comprehensive account report
  • Best execution speed
  • Low spread, low cost
  • Optimal quotation from deep liquidity