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Innovation wealth financial services company is famous in the world of online trading service one-stop financial brokers, by New Zealand's financial services authority (FCA) regulation to provide first-class quality financial services Innovation wealth BiLi foreign exchange trading platform for customers worldwide, including foreign exchange, precious metals, such as CFD contracts for differences, financial derivatives trading service online. There is high satisfaction, both for the private sector, which wants to make trading more efficient, and for traders who want more.


World-class trading platform; stable trading quick, efficient and transparent.。

For a variety of operating systems such as a desktop and mobileMac OS, Windows, iOS, Android 。

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Thanks to the high-end execution service advantages given by many top liquidity providers around the world, Innovation wealth can provide customers with customized trading solutions to match their diverse brokerage needs. At the same time, Innovation wealth can also provide customers with more than 50 sets of trading products, including spot foreign exchange, stock indexes, crude oil and precious metals, which greatly enriches the investment types of customers. More importantly, with world-leading technical support, Innovation wealth's various platforms can improve the quality of customers' transactions with unimaginable low latency, and provide flexible and multi-connection methods including FIX API . At any time, Innovation wealth will work with clients to develop a common future for their brokerage business. As a professional broker, Innovation wealth never participates in any orders in the system. This is Innovation wealth's ever-changing credo. Its purpose is to isolate third-party human intervention, so as to effectively protect customers to the greatest extent. Fundamental interests.



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Innovation wealth is a brand jointly funded by several investors, including shareholders of NASDAQ listed companies. Innovation wealth reflects our solid foundation, and Innovation wealth represents our commitment. Innovation wealth is committed to providing global investors, traders with solid and stable trading services, trading products, trading systems, and trading security.

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